Enabling Blockchain Financial Markets

We’re building the core fabric that will enable new and existing financial services businesses to operate ‘in the blockchain’.

Right now, traditional financial markets can’t leverage blockchain technology as there isn’t a credible solution for tokenising the fiat currencies that these markets require as a means of exchange.

Chain Financial is solving the fiat problem through our Fiat Exchange Blockchain consortium. The FEB has compliance, identity, and traceability built in at a fundamental level and can scale to support thousands of transactions per second.

The FEB enables capital held in traditional banks to flow to and from blockchain based services without the need for every service to ‘reinvent the wheel’ – the FEB provides infrastructure, compliance processes (KYC/AML and reporting flows) and banking interfaces out of the box. Multi-jurisdictional regulatory and banking relationships enable financial services built on our technology to operate globally from day one.

Our Vision

  • 01

    Responsibly connect blockchain and traditional financial markets.

  • 02

    Actively prevent the proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism being part of blockchain financial markets.

  • 03

    Foster collaboration between Traditional Intermediaries and Emerging FinTech.

  • 04

    Delivering value to people through blockchain financial markets doing things better and doing better things.

Our Founders

  • Dave Corbett

    Dave is the CEO of Chain Financial and an expert in financial instruments, capital markets and embracing step-change technology. Prior to Chain Financial, Dave was a PwC Partner for 9 years based in both Auckland and London where he worked for global banks, asset managers and insurance companies in relation to financial instruments, valuation, risk appetite and capital adequacy.

  • Centrality

    Centrality is a New Zealand based blockchain technology company that is a global leader in UNthinking the digital landscape for a decentralised world. They specialise in providing developers and businesses with the tools to create blockchain-based products and services. Aaron McDonald, Centrality’s CEO, is the 2018 EY Technology and Emerging Industries Entrepreneur of the Year.

Our Business Partners

  • ANZ Bank

    Australia New Zealand Bank is a leading bank in the Asia Pacific region and New Zealand’s largest bank. ANZ provides banking services to Chain Financial Holding Limited.

  • PwC

    PwC is the leading global professional services firm. It is a global network of independent partnerships with more than 200,000 professionals. PwC provides Chain Financial Holding Limited with business advisory and legal services.

Our Work

  • Fiat Exchange Blockchain

    The FEB protocol enables financial instruments to be created efficiently, then traded using fiat currencies, in the blockchain. Identity, traceability and the combating of money laundering are core features, not an afterthought.

  • Collaborating for Change

    Our financial engineers and blockchain experts are working with traditional institutions and emerging entrepreneurs to responsibly collaborate, innovate and build blockchain financial products on the Fiat Exchange Blockchain.

  • Deposit Backed Stable Coins

    Chain Financial's deposit-backed stable coin, built on top of the Fiat Exchange Blockchain, is a strong foundation for other blockchain financial products.

Our Focus

  • Responsible Products

    Our products, such as our stable coin, has identity and traceability built in.

  • FEB Financial Asset Exchange

    Our exchange specialises in exchanging digital assets that are built on top of the Fiat Exchange Blockchain.

  • Blockchain with Identity

    Chain Financial will develop Fiat Exchange Blockchain technology, where regulatory compliance, scalability, identity and traceability are core features.

  • Collaboration

    We are a collaborative and strategic link between traditional and blockchain financial markets.


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